Lunch Program

Cold Lunch

Children are to bring their own cold lunch including drinks and cutlery packed in a lunch bag or lunch box, which is clearly labelled with their name. We do not have the facilities to warm up food for the children.

Hot Lunch

  • Hot Lunch will consist of nutritious home-made meals prepared at the school.
  • Meals will include a fruit/vegetable, juice box (not punch) and dessert. 
  • We are unable to provide a refund for an unclaimed hot lunch, and will not save the meal for later use (due to hygienic reasons and reheating difficulties).
  • If there is a class event (e.g. field trip) on a scheduled hot lunch day, please do not order hot lunch for your child that day.

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Students are invited to bring a nutritious snack each morning. Please send an easy to eat nutritious snack (e.g. cut up fruit, cookies, crackers, cheese, popcorn, pretzels, cut up vegetables, 1/2 sandwich). If you would like to send a drink, please consider juice in a plastic drinking container. Students will eat their snacks inside the school before going out or when they come in from recess.

Please do not send peanuts or nut products, gum, sunflower seeds, pop, candy or chocolate bars. Juice crystals, jello powder, dry packaged noodles and wheat crunch leave quite a mess so we ask that they not be included as a snack or lunch item.

We Are Peanut and Nut Aware

Please refrain from bringing products with peanuts or nuts to school. Let’s all take part in making our school safe for everyone. There may be a need for an allergy alert program in your child’s classroom. You will be notified of any food restrictions for lunch, classroom parties and snack times. Please respect and respond to the information provided about individual student needs.

Students are encouraged to bring a book to read if they finish lunch early. Students who stay for lunch are not to leave the school grounds until the end of the day. Lunch runs for approximately 20 minutes after which time the students are dismissed for lunch recess.

For more information contact:
Parkland Village School
Phone: 780-962-8121