"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding."

- William Paul Thurston

Parkland Village School has a strong focus on numeracy. Math is interactive. Parkland Village students are active participants in the learning process. Teachers are not the deliverer of knowledge. Teachers are the facilitator and intellectual guide who asks questions such as, "How did you get that answer?" or "Can you solve that problem another way?" Parkland Village teachers focus on questioning techniques that encourage creativity, critical thinking, risk-taking and further learning. 

Numeracy is alive in all subject disciplines, Tinkerlab, MicroSociety and the Cross Curricular Competencies. A variety of numeracy strategies and approaches are implemented to meet a variety of learning styles: 

  • Alberta Education Program of Studies
  • Visualization/verbalization of math concepts through number talks
  • Comprehension of math concepts
  • Project work
  • Stem challenges

All classrooms have computers, a SmartBoard and manipulatives. All classrooms have access to Chromebooks and iPads that are used daily to help strengthen math skills and concepts.